Microcredential on Routing on the Internet: Understanding Routing on the Internet

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face and Online (Hybrid) 

Duration: 1 Week (10 hours of Student Learning Time) 

Understanding Routing on the Internet” is an engaging and practical micro course designed to equip aspiring network engineers and IT professionals with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage routing in complex network environments. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on labs, participants will explore the intricacies of packet routing on the internet networks. The course culminates in a comprehensive assessment that prepares participants for a successful career in networking.

Course Objectives

Provide a foundational understanding of internet structure and packet routing with comprehension through hands-on lab experience on how the internet works. 

Learning Outcomes

Describe the basic structure and functionality of networks that construct the Internet, explore career opportunities in networking, and demonstrate proficiency in internet routing concepts.

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