Microcredential on Routing on the Internet: Intra-domain Routing

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face and Online (Hybrid) 

Duration: 2 Weeks (20 hours of Student Learning Time) 

Intra-domain Routing Essentials” is a focused micro course designed to teach the fundamentals of intra-domain routing to networking professionals and students. This course covers key concepts such as IP addressing, subnetting, routing protocols, and algorithms, alongside hands-on labs that allow learners to apply their knowledge. Through detailed lectures and interactive activities, participants will gain a robust understanding of how routers communicate within a single routing domain using both static and dynamic routing techniques. 

Course Objectives

Introduce and explain IP addressing (IPv4 and IPv6), subnetting, routing and forwarding concepts, explore static and dynamic routing methodologies, and teach the operation and configuration of key routing protocols (OSPF and RIP) through practical lab exercises. 

Learning Outcomes

Understand and apply IP addressing and subnetting, grasp routing and forwarding fundamentals, configure static routing, dynamic routing, routing protocols, operate and configure intra-domain routing protocols, and demonstrate practical routing skills through hands-on lab exercises

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