Microcredential on Routing on the Internet: Inter-domain Routing

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face and Online (Hybrid) 

Duration: 3 Weeks (30 hours of Student Learning Time) 

“Inter-domain Routing:  Mastering BGP and Beyond” is a focused and intensive micro course designed for network engineers, IT professionals, and students interested in understanding how large-scale internet routing is managed across different autonomous systems. This course dives deep into the concepts of autonomous systems (AS), the pivotal role of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and the interactions between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that facilitate global internet connectivity. Participants will engage with theoretical concepts, hands-on labs for BGP configuration, and a project simulating a mini-internet, offering both practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of inter-domain routing. 

Course Objectives

Explain the concept and importance of autonomous systems in internet infrastructure, describe inter-domain routing mechanisms with a focus on BGP, explore ISP roles in routing, provide hands-on BGP configuration and troubleshooting experience, and culminate with a project simulating internet-scale routing. 

Learning Outcomes

Gain a comprehensive understanding of autonomous systems and their significance, master fundamental concepts of BGP including operational mechanisms and routing policies, configure BGP through hands-on lab exercises, analyse the role of ISPs in inter-domain routing, implement a mini internet project to simulate real-world scenarios and optimize network setup, and demonstrate proficiency through a final assessment covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills in inter-domain routing.

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