GIRAF PM e.K. is a consulting company established in 2009 with the core expertise in designing and implementing international multilateral projects in the field of research and education, as well as in providing a full set of innovation management services to projects and corporative clients.

Combining fundamental project management and business process engineering techniques with substantial practical experience in various funding schemes’ operation, GIRAF helps scientists, educators and innovative entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.With regards to projects in the field of education, GIRAF possesses the expertise in designing and implementing quality control procedures and methodologies, dissemination, stakeholder relations, policy and regulatory frameworks, particularly Bologna process inspired academic and institutional reforms. This expertise was provided by the key personnel of GIRAF to more than 20 international projects funded by such EU programmes as Tempus, ALFA and Asia-Link. When it comes to eLearning projects, GIRAF participated in a large multinational initiatives Mobile Learning Environments (MoLE) and Multichannel Learning Systems (MLS) funded by ONRG (USA). 

The GIRAF founder, Dr. Andrey Girenko, was a coordinatior of the first EU-Southeast Asia RTD cooperation platform project in the field of ICT (ENGAGE, 2005-2007). Within this project Dr. Girenko participated in the Study mapped the regional ICT RTD capabilities and roadmapped the cooperation activities between 2 regions, delivered several cooperative capacity building workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.


Andrey Girenko

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