The European University of Rome (EUR) is a private, legally recognized university that releases academic qualifications with legal value. The EUR was founded in 2004 by the religious congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, is part of the great tradition of the  Catholic Church and an international network of universities.

The years dedicated to higher education represent an exciting and crucial moment in life: the European University of Rome guides young students to choose their career according their goals and aspirations. Through this the each student’s talent is empowered.

The university is located in a modern campus. The courses offered are characterized by an interactive and dynamic way of teaching so students can establish a direct relationship with each professor and this leads to create an authentic academic community. Lectures offered bring high level of learning through a very effective teaching method. In addiction to various degrees the learning process includes social responsibility activities and soft skill’s development in order to boost a positive attitude and commitment towards others.

Academic training is completed through studies abroad. This means to deepen language skills, widen cultural background and live important experiences for human and professional growth.

The European University of Rome also assists graduates in finding job opportunities through internships, traineeships and job interviews. The UER trains professionals and people with solid values, aware of their commitment, who will be in charge of building a new spirit to promote people’s dignity.

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